Passionate about technology and changing the way ADHD is managed?

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  • One of the most surprising things I learned since joining Qbtech and educating myself on all-things ADHD is the health complications associated with the condition


    US Market Development Manager

  • Qbtech is one of the few companies that are trying to use the power of technology to solve real issues and not merely business problems. I was very excited about the idea of joining a company that not only works on the latest technology but uses it for a positive impact


    Chief Product Officer

  • I felt like Qbtech really helps people with their products, and I wanted to be part of that. In addition to that, the company culture seemed really good - it was clear to me that everyone who works here does that because they want to contribute and because they really care


    Product Owner

  • For many years I have been interested in ADHD and how common it is in the general population and how often it is not diagnosed leading to lifelong issues for many people. Every day I learn something new either from other colleagues, customers, or reading about new research. Every day is so different. I love the fact that we take our research and learning very seriously and it’s great getting updates on how things are changing so rapidly in the world of ADHD with recognition and treatment options


    Clinical Advisor UK

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